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conhIT Exhibition Highlights 2016

3M Health Information Systems: Measurably more success thanks to automated coding

3M Health Information Systems: Measurably more success thanks to automated coding
3M Health Information Systems: 3M 360 provides considerable workload relief for hospital staff.

Computer support for clinical documentation, accounting and settlement process reaches a new dimension with the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ system. This software solution searches through digitally readable documents in the HIS and recovers relevant information using linguistic and, in particular, semantic methods. From the results, it deduces coding recommendations which users can either accept in their unchanged form or can modify as desired. The system can also evaluate freely-worded texts such as doctors’ letters. It detects any information gaps in documents and a cascade of questions assists users in correcting the issue.

The system itself has a modular structure and can be extended in accordance with the existing degree of digitisation. The entry-level module “compact”, for instance, can be used to evaluate just one type of document, e. g. doctors’ letters. The MDK-Reporting module also brings noticeable benefits: The “Justification/Reason” for every individual code is pre-defined in the system and can be called up for display at the touch of a button when carrying out MDK checks. This results in considerable time- saving.

3M Health Information Systems
Hall 2.2, Booth B-102

Contact: Andreas Draß
Phone: +49-30-32677664

Agfa HealthCare: Improved decisions for hospitals

Agfa HealthCare: Improved decisions for hospitals
Agfa HealthCare GmbH: ORBIS Infection Management – Focus on the Germs
Agfa HealthCare: Improved decisions for hospitals
Agfa HealthCare GmbH: ORBIS Kiosk

In times of tight budgets for hospitals Agfa HealthCare expands its scope of financial solutions. By acquisition of the TIP GROUP, a specialist for ERP and business intelligence, Agfa HealthCare becomes the number one provider in the field of financial decisions. Experience the new solutions on conhIT 2016.

No less innovative is the all new ORBIS Infection Management. Clinicians will find all new standards of communication represented in the new version. The solution offers a revamped microbiology that was newly developed.

ORBIS Kiosk offers a new way for patients admissions. A self check-in for a hospital is easy for patients and saves time and focus for hospital staff.

IT-support for clinical decisions is a necessity of the future. ORBIS Assisted Coding helps hospitals make up their own rules and decision support. Thereby ORBIS Assisted Coding improves clinical decisions and decision workflows.

Lots of new features can also be found in Agfa HealthCare’s mobile solutions. ORBIS - Mobile Edition gives a choice to hospitals. The solution works on every mobile platform and supports multiple devices and can be distributed throughout boundaries. ORBIS ME! is continuously synced between mobile devices and main systems. In hospital catering, we present a new solution for acquiring orders via tablet.

The visitors can discover concise and practical solutions, which help them hospital perform better. Live at conhIT 2016.

Agfa HealthCare GmbH
Bonn, Germany
Hall 1.2, Booth B-116

Contact: Martina Götz
Phone: +49-228-26684710

Allgeier Medical IT: successful healthcare IT provider

Allgeier Medical IT: successful healthcare IT provider
Allgeier Medical IT GmbH: Allgeier.mDMAS

Allgeier Medical IT and their subsidiary eHealthOpen are one of the most successful healthcare IT providers for independent radiologists and hospitals in Europe. Topics such as digital archiving of medical records, document management and APA, as well as scanning services and process management solutions are included in the portfolio, just as the latest version of Allgeier.PACS/RIS and Allgeier.mDMAS – the multimedia document management and archive system. The functional scope is constantly further developed by experienced specialists from different fields of medical IT and medicine, and is also implemented in an open architecture following the guidelines of IHE (Integration of Healthcare Enterprise) and MPG (German Medical Products Law).

Allgeier Medical IT GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth A-105

Contact: Wolfgang Schmezer
Phone: +49-761-401600

Alphatron Medical: AMiS – more than a computer on wheels

Alphatron Medical: AMiS – more than a computer on wheels
Alphatron Medical GmbH: AMiS, Alphatron Mobile Intelligent CareStation

AMiS is the innovative mobile care station built for the future. Compact and maneuverable, wireless, multifunctional, ergonomic, height adjustable and simple to clean. Its modular design enables you to quickly transform the AMiS into a functional or medicine trolley or a mobile diagnostic solution. No more heavy trolleys and numerous devices: opt for the modular revolution of a single universal platform.

AMiS is developed to create a multi-functional workplace for wireless connection to EPR and all medical data. A single solution for all your mobile applications with an extensive range of accessories to create your preferred configuration.

Alphatron Medical GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth D-106

Contact: Reiner Nosthoff, Sales Director
Phone: +49-234-33385025

atacama | Software: Digital patient documentation using apenio® – the common reference basis for physicians and caregivers

atacama | Software: Digital patient documentation using apenio® – the common reference basis for physicians and caregivers
Medical therapy and care graphs in apenio® optimise cooperation between physicians and caregivers

By focussing on interdisciplinary cooperation in healthcare processes in the hospital, the apenio® patient documentation system offers extensive opportunities to improve patient safety and therapy quality. All up-to-date information on the condition and state of a patient is available at all times and in all sectors. apenio® also offers decision support in the form of recommendations on the current situation, as derived from the digitally-recorded data. When extended to include targeted screening to identify patients vulnerable to MRSA, patients with PKMS (healthcare measures complex score) relevance etc., apenio® helps professionals to make well-founded decisions on both care and therapy.

atacama | Software GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth A-103

Contact: Uwe Müchler, Leitung Vertrieb / Marketing
Phone: +49-421-2230172

bayoonet: Engineering of Medical Apps

bayoonet: Engineering of Medical Apps
bayoonet AG: Medical Apps

bayoonet is a software engineering company that is specialized in the engineering of (stand-alone) medical software and medical apps (iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows).

Since 15 years the company supports more than 400 customers from the pharmaceutical and medical engineering sector in their software engineering projects. bayoonet plans, develops, tests and documents medical apps considering the regulative requirements for medical devices. The company knows the obstacles from the field and support our customers by CE-marking and FDA licensing as well as verification, validation, testing and usability engineering. bayoonet is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

bayoonet AG
Hall 4.2, Booth D-107

Contact: Stefan Becher, PR
Phone: +49-6151-87010520

BEWATEC: MyMediNet – The hospital portal that grows with your needs

BEWATEC: MyMediNet – The hospital portal that grows with your needs
BEWATEC Kommunikationstechnik GmbH: The hospital portal MyMediNet at the MediPaD

What will the hospital of tomorrow look like? Nobody can foresee the future, but hospitals can be well prepared for it today.

Digital applications and services are the key to entertain and inform patients and to improve patient comfort and efficiency of clinical processes. In addition to integrated care processes and health information value can be added by delivering the hospital’s digital marketing to the patients’ bedside.

That is why BEWATEC has developed the interactive hospital portal MyMediNet which allows a compilation of modular applications to meet the requirements of the hospital.

Bewatec Kommunikationstechnik GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth B-117

Contact: Julia Haag
Phone: +49-2504-7337140

(BMBF) Federal Ministry of Education and Research: provides information for innovators, Germany’s national information platform for medical technology, accompanies innovative companies from the original product idea right through to market launch. The platform offers up-to-date news and background reports describing developments in the healthcare sector, as well as deducing care service requirements and providing information on political developments. The site’s large database invites visitors to join the extensive network of innovation system actors. The site’s innovation pilot, a sort of virtual guideline, navigates readers through the innovation process of each medical device., an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is an information interface between the public and the private sectors.

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
Hall 4.2, Booth C-114

Contact: Jana Ehrhardt-Joswig (Editor)
Phone: +49-160-4821466

Caradigm Deutschland: Improving patient care

Caradigm is a population health company dedicated to improving patient care, advancing the health of populations and reducing healthcare costs. Its enterprise software portfolio encompasses all capabilities critical to delivering effective population health management, including data control; healthcare analytics; care coordination and management; and wellness and patient engagement. Caradigm solutions are operating in more than 1,500 hospitals worldwide, and connect to about 500 customer systems and to data for more than 175 million patients. Its identity and access management solutions are employed daily by over 1.2 million users, helping safeguard access to patient health information.

Caradigm Deutschland Ltd.
Hall 2.2, Booth C-101

Contact: Ralf Buchholz
Phone: +49-40-20976805

Cerner: Holistic approach of all solutions

Cerner solutions integrate medication management into the digital patient chart of the
HIS. Prescriptions and administrations relevant to treatment are clearly displayed in the chronological patient time line (Fieberkurve). Vital signs are transferred directly into the chronological patient time line with our solution, VitalsLink®, which prevents transmission errors and increases
patient safety.

The KaPITO® DRG solution recognises the revenue potential and supports the analysis and
optimisation of DRG. Key benefits for users are the increase in case numbers and the case mix, a reduction in length of stay, and days disregarded for revenue. On request, all this is available on mobile devices to allow proactive length-of-stay management at the bedside.

KaPITO® HMS complies with the legal requirements of a comprehensive hygiene management
system. The solution registers deviations and supports prevention strategies to
discover potential sources of infection at an early stage. Due to the integration with clinical processes, hygiene personnel can respond quickly and control sources of infections efficiently. With a complex alert dashboard built into the clinical process, the solution exceeds statistical documentation requirements.

Hall 2.2, Booth B-103

Contact: Till Berger, Marketing Manager
Phone: +49-172-2972682

CompuGroup Medical (CGM): The Art of Understanding

CompuGroup Medical (CGM): The Art of Understanding
CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG
CompuGroup Medical (CGM): The Art of Understanding
CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG

The pace of networking in the health care sector is accelerating. The closer integration of stakeholders in the health care market is leading to a true paradigm shift in patient care. Institution-specific, regional, and national digital patient records are becoming a reality. The momentum is driving all health service providers, who all need to adjust their work and communication processes to the new, collaborative environment.

This requires a strong partner who not only is able to anticipate changes in the near future, but also actively shapes them. Standardized solutions, customizable to individual needs, help CGM customers adapt quickly and efficiently to the new patient treatment processes.

CGM develops field-proven, cutting edge software products in close cooperation with its users. By doing so, it is ushering in a new era of efficiency in modern hospitals by means of digital patient charts and electronic medication, optimizing the cooperation between hospitals with referring physicians through referral management, and implementing access to digital patient records. Also by ensuring drug therapy safety or providing protected access to requirements and findings for lab respondents – CGM provides IT solutions which help meet the challenges of the health market.

CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG
Hall 1.2, Booth D-103

Contact: Kerstin Albert, Manager Tradefairs & Events
Phone: +49-261-80001926

Dell: Security and Compliance are highlights

Dell: Security and Compliance are highlights
Dell GmbH

In 2016 security and compliance are once again in focus at the booth of Dell and Intel. Both issues are an important part of modern workplace concepts. They must be integrated to allow a great user experience without security compromises. Solutions for encryption, user and access management, device management, safe workplaces and IT security strategies will be presented. In addition to growing security demands, increasing amounts of data and the implementation of new technologies challenge the IT in hospitals. Leasing and pay-per-use are two flexible financing options of Dell Financial Services also present at the booth.

Dell GmbH
D-Halle (Saale)
Hall 2.2, Booth E-102

Contact: Ute Hesenius
Phone: +49-160-5352552

DMI: Consolidated patient records – lean, safe, and effective workflows

DMI: Consolidated patient records – lean, safe, and effective workflows
DMI GmbH & Co. KG: Optimizing information-based workflows

Fifty years of reliable archiving: the leading German service provider DMI focuses on intelligent digitization of patient records, consolidation with native electronic documents, integration and accessibility of this data for clinical and administrative purposes from hospital information systems (HIS), and audit-proof long-term archiving safeguarding cogency. In addition, hospitals benefit from reduced hospital response times for billing checks by the German inspection organization MDK.

Every third patient record is digitized, integrated, and archived by DMI. Interoperability is key; the large number of references include integration into all major HIS solutions. Speak to us about our recognition as “Sustainable IT and medical technology partner for hospitals” by the German Association of Hospital Directors VKD, the successful ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK project “Automated proof of completeness of patient records”, and the certification of conformance with the Federal German Guideline “RESISCAN”.

DMI GmbH & Co. KG
Hall 2.2, Booth A-103

Contact: Christian Nemtut
Phone: +49-151-16720523

Doc Cirrus: Secure patient records, secure integrated care

Doc Cirrus: Secure patient records, secure integrated care
Doc Cirrus GmbH: inSuite works with a hybrid cloud – local micro server as Private Cloud plus Doc Ci

inSuite is the world's first turnkey solution for 3rd generation practice management software: a unique system for electronic health records, medical billing and patient communication in a hybrid cloud setting – turning practices and medical centers into digital hubs for integrated and efficient care.

With inSuite, physicians use PC, Mac, tablets and mobile devices, provide consultations using video conferencing, online appointments, refer patients online and monitor vital signs received directly from wearables or medical devices – thanks to the use of the Doc Cirrus Cloud and a private cloud in the practice with local data storage.

Doc Cirrus GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth D-105

Contact: Sebastian Block
Phone: +49-30-20898795

E&L: Optimal diagnostic solutions

E&L: Optimal diagnostic solutions
E&L medical systems GmbH: Maximize the efficiency of your diagnostic workflows with Clinic WinData.

E&L’s signature Clinic WinData has a new look – CWD.nTec. Rediscover your trusted medical imaging and documentation system in its new guise: CWD.nTec = new Technology.

Mobile endoscopy towers making life difficult for your Medical Technology team? Experience our SmartBox solution hands-on at the E&L stand. The new central import server gives you more DICOM flexibility and our technical specialists are happy to provide practical advice to help you make the change.

More and more specialist departments are looking for a documentation system – you want a unified solution. Clinic WinData extends beyond endoscopy – expand your capacity with our cardiac catheter module, urology module, angiology module – all the way to ophthalmology.

E&L medical systems GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth C-104

Contact: Carolin Lagler, Marketing und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Phone: +49-9131-81033412

EIZO GmbH: Specialized Software Simplifies Image and Patient Data Management in the OR

EIZO GmbH: Specialized Software Simplifies Image and Patient Data Management in the OR
EIZO GmbH: CuratOR Caliop

Operating room video management systems must be able to communicate with individual IT structures. For this reason, the CuratOR Caliop software from EIZO was designed with particular focus on flexibility and adaptability: Caliop is not only tailored to hospital-specific standard interfaces such as DICOM and HL7, it also seamlessly handles data exchange with Excel or text files. In addition, intelligent access management and a centralized access platform simplify data management for IT technicians. Regular updates, 24/7 support, and a remote maintenance option ensure the highest levels of functionality and reliability.

Hall 1.2, Booth D-110

Contact: Matthias Lubkowitz, Vice President
Phone: +49-3741-423650

EMC: Healthcare solutions – Transform health IT

EMC: Healthcare solutions – Transform health IT
EMC Deutschland GmbH

The healthcare sector is currently undergoing dramatic transformations. Cost pressure, quality management, personalisation and the eternally increasing spread of digital technology pose enormous challenges.

The healthcare sector is one of the fastest-growing areas of the “digital universe”. Healthcare data volumes are forecast to grow by 48 percent per annum up to 2020 (source: IDC /EMC Digital Universe Healthcare Industry Brief). (Link:

As a federation and extensive partnership ecosystem, EMC supplies certified and integrated solutions for all parts in this sector. EMC is also committed to advising and supporting organisations and companies operating in the healthcare sector on their journey into the digital world.

EMC Deutschland GmbH
D-Schwalbach am Taunus
Hall 2.2, Booth D-103

Phone: +49-6196-4728639

EPSON: Printers, scanners and projectors, large-format and label printing

EPSON: Printers, scanners and projectors, large-format and label printing
EPSON Deutschland GmbH

Epson Deutschland, with headquarters in Meerbusch, supplies printers, scanners and projectors for businesses, public institutions and private consumers. It also provides special solutions for printing large formats and cash-register output as well as labels for commercial and industrial applications. The product portfolio is currently being extended by robotics systems for assembly and handling processes.

The company, now with a staff of more than 200, was founded in 1979 as a subsidiary of the Japanese SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION, and is responsible for sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Meerbusch, Epson also operates a Solutions Center where efficient solutions for offices and industrial use are demonstrated to customers.

EPSON Deutschland GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth B-103

Contact: Volker Rotter
Phone: +49-2159-5381147

GE Healthcare Information Technologies: Centricity™ Solutions for Enterprise Imaging

Centricity™ Solutions for Enterprise Imaging deliver a common viewing, analytics and vendor-neutral archiving experience across specialties. Designed to support multiple care-specific workflows, and offering clinicians the ability to work independent of location, Centricity Solutions for Enterprise Imaging offer healthcare organizations the tools they need to build collaborative care networks.

Centricity™ Solutions for Enterprise Imaging deliver a full suite of solutions for visualization, workflow, collaboration and vendor-neutral archiving to address the unique needs of multiple care pathways.

GE Healthcare
Hall 2.2, Booth D-101

Contact: Klaudija Mader, Exhibition Leader
Phone: +49-7348-9861335

i-SOLUTIONS Health: Holistic IT solutions for digitising medical core processes

i-SOLUTIONS Health: Holistic IT solutions for digitising medical core processes
i-SOLUTIONS Health GmbH: Holistic IT solutions that focus on the patient

i-SOLUTIONS Health offers comprehensive IT solutions for digitising medical core processes along the entire treatment chain: from outpatient treatment and the hospital ward – including the medical support programmes for surgery and function services – right up to account settlement, controlling and archiving.

Innovative tools that seamlessly fit into the ClinicCentre hospital information system help hospitals to optimise their profits. For example, the new version 2.0 cost accounting software covers all topics relating to refinancing processes, including controlling of the cost-profit ratio. In addition, i-SOLUTIONS Health prepares hospitals for the German Hospital Structures Act (KHSG), in particular by providing solutions for qualitative case documentation, process optimisations to improve the cost-profit ratio and individual organisation consulting.

Hall 1.2, Booth B-112

Contact: Janja Visevic, Team Leader Marketing & Communication
Phone: +49-621-3928242

ID: Meeting statutory provisions while operating economically

ID: Meeting statutory provisions while operating economically
ID GmbH & Co. KGaA: Medication plan generated using ID MEDICS®

Following introduction of the new eHealth Law, routine electronic documentation of medication is more important than ever. The patient’s right to an up-to-date medication plan means that hospitals will be required to assume a new role as a service provider to both GPs and their patients. With its ID MEDICS® product, ID is providing a tool for modelling the entire medication process across all sectors and for generating a patient-specific medication plan in the course of therapeutic routine. This is an important step in achieving greater medication safety – even without the electronic Health Card.

Medication is the most common form of medical therapy. Expenditure for pharmaceuticals increased by almost 2.4 million euros between 2011 and 2013 alone. As the main backbone of all treatments, medication therapy must be subject to quality control and its risk/benefit balance must be optimised. The total procedure – from prescription to documentation – involves a whole range of individual processes. Retrospective reviewing of the involved processes using a specially-developed controlling tool is intended to improve safety, quality and economic efficiency of medication therapies. ID EFIX® PHARMA is based on medication therapy data collected by the ID MEDICS® system. Data concerning drug and medicine orders, prescriptions and doses are evaluated from both the financial and the quantitative aspects.

ID Information und Dokumentation im Gesundheitswesen GmbH & Co KGaA
Hall 2.2, Booth A-104

Contact: Sven Hoffmann, Communication/ Marketing
Phone: +49-30-246260

KARL STORZ: Integrated operating room and workflow-based solutions

KARL STORZ: Integrated operating room and workflow-based solutions

KARL STORZ is one of the world's leading suppliers of endoscopes for all fields of application. KARL STORZ OR1™ stands not only for an integrated operating room, but also for a workflow based solution for your hospital.

The company’s customers have individual processes and therefore different requirements. KARL STORZ offers solutions that meet those requirements and furthermore improve the value chain of the customers. Those who are interested in documentation, checklists, communication, report management, archiving and much more, will receive expert advice at conhIT booth C-106 in hall 1.2.

Hall 1.2, Booth C-106

Contact: Suhail Rishmawi, Global Product Manager OR1™

KYOCERA Document Solutions: Optimize the clinical routine

KYOCERA Document Solutions: Optimize the clinical routine
KYOCERA Document Solutions Deutschland GmbH: Station cross-exchange of treatment information

From the patients receiving, to the treatment through to billing: Most processes in the hospital and healthcare environment are also documents based. Accordingly profound is the potential to optimize these processes by means of document management. What are the options for hospitals and nursing homes there, KYOCERA Document Solutions showing at conhIT. Visitors can learn how to make typical hospital workflows make faster, more cost-effective and safer: The company provides not only the electronic patient record, but also the software Scan to PACS: This can paper-based documents such as treatment instructions or diagnostic findings exchanged across wards will. You can register on

KYOCERA Document Solutions Deutschland GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth C-102

Contact: Marc Brudzinski, Produkt Marketing Manager Professional Services
Phone: +49-2159-9180

K|M|S Vertrieb und Services: Quality and Efficiency Through Transparency

K|M|S Vertrieb und Services: Quality and Efficiency Through Transparency
K|M|S Vertrieb und Services AG: eisTIK® makes cost structures transparent

To ensure high-quality medical care, transparency of service performance becomes increasingly important. German clinics will have to manage their quality in the near future. It is of vital importance for hospitals to connect quality and operational processes. This will be one of the key aspects of future market performance.

With eisTIK® and EYE ON HEALTH®, KMS AG supports users in defining demand-oriented service portfolios, ensuring transparency of cost-structures and analyzing processes.

KMS products enable clinics to develop holistic strategies for their companies.

K|M|S Vertrieb und Services AG
Unterhaching, Germany
Hall 2.2, Booth D-109

Contact: Carsten Ohm
Phone: +49-89-6655090

Marabu EDV-Beratung und -Service: Preview of PEGASOS 7 and expansion of IHE-support

Marabu EDV-Beratung und -Service: Preview of PEGASOS 7 and expansion of IHE-support
Marabu EDV-Beratung und -Service GmbH: IHE-compliant Enterprise Content Management with PEGASOS

At conhIT, Marabu gives a first preview of the major-release PEGASOS 7, which will published at the end of the year. Furthermore, the topic IHE is in focus of the Marabu fair presentation. The PEGASOS ECM-System has recently started supporting IHE content profiles, which standardizes the creation, display and transfer of CDA-documents. This enhances the possibilities for document transfer beyond systems and hospital boundaries. PEGASOS combines the medical IHE-data with the administrative data in one universal archive. Moreover, it supports the work processes with digital records and a wide range of functions for document and workflow management.

Marabu EDV-Beratung und -Service GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth D-107

Contact: Sandra Hanke
Phone: +49-30-30092516

MCD Medical Computers: A new generation of medical grade panel PCs and Displays

MCD Medical Computers: A new generation of medical grade panel PCs and Displays
MCD Medical Computers Deutschland GmbH: Medical LED-Display OMNI.view2

At this year's conhIT MCD presents the new THA.leia3 Medical Panel PCs as well as the new Medical LED displays OMNI.view2. Both product families are distinguished by a high degree of scalability and variance. Thus, the user always receives a device in accordance with his requirements, at an optimal price-performance ratio. Both displays and Panel PCs are available in screen sizes 21.5 inch, 24 inch and 27 inch with or without touch function (projected-capacitive). In addition to the latest Intel® Core ™ technology, the full HD LED displays are providing clear sharp images and smooth working. The protective glasses are applied in True Flat design, what a IP65 protection for the front guarantees.

MCD Medical Computers Deutschland GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth D-107

Contact: Thomas Hollex, CEO
Phone: +49-2161-304700

medatixx: Medical practice software becomes communication hub for medical service centers, HIS and RIS

medatixx: Medical practice software becomes communication hub for medical service centers, HIS and RIS
medatixx GmbH & Co. KG: x.concept Edition Ambulanz/MVZ

With the introduction of the official telematics infrastructure, providing a complex electronic communications solution for the various sectors of the health care system is no longer a part of the free program of health care IT – and medical practice software specialist medatixx is at the ready to get the job done. Modern IT solutions for outpatient clinics and medical practices enable end-to-end integration and communication with HIS-systems and special software solutions. At conhIT 2016, medatixx is showcasing their software solution „x.concept Edition Ambulanz/MVZ“ (x.concept edition outpatient clinic/medical service center), which is successfully serving the role as communication hub at the joint radiology center of Vivantes and Charité at Friedrichshain hospital.

x.concept intercommunicates with two different HIS, a special software solution, an archiving software and a radiology software. Given their central position all communications of the radiology center are PVS-HL7-based with bidirectional interfaces for x.concept and all other participating software solutions. Communication topology has been divided into different communication suites with individually defined sets of rules. Each suite is set up with an independent PVS-HL7-component and equipped with a bundle of HL7-channels. The linear communication chain for both in- and outpatient co-treatment is expandable to meet the requirements of medical cooperation networks with technically unlimited amounts of participating network partners.

medatixx GmbH & Co. KG
Eltville am Rhein, Germany
Hall 1.2, Booth A-105

Contact: Kornelia Kremer
Phone: +49-6123-6840767

Mediaform Informationssysteme: Improved medication safety and data capture from paper documents

Mediaform Informationssysteme: Improved medication safety and data capture from paper documents
Mediaform Informationssysteme GmbH: PraxiKett Designer

Improved medication safety by unambiguous labelling of syringes and infusion equipment: This is ensured by PraxiKett Designer, with a catalogue of more than 500 standardised syringe labels conforming to the latest DIVI recommendations – all available at specified workplaces throughout the hospital using the online version.

The modular Scan Tools software improves data capture from paper documents in laboratories and hospitals. ScanTools allows reliable, automated capture and revision of forms and electronic order/task data in one single work step. Scan9 and the new OrderManagement modules make it possible to capture both sample data and order data using the same solution.

Mediaform Informationssysteme GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth D-102

Contact: Ralf Buchholz, PR Consultant Healthcare
Phone: +49-172-5382569

MediaInterface: Everything for medical documentation from a single source

MediaInterface: Everything for medical documentation from a single source
MediaInterface GmbH: All-in-one solution SpeaKING

This year, at MediaInterface the complete package is available in all its versatility at the center. Who previously only knows the solution for digital dictation or speech recognition, will be amazed at what MediaInterface has to offer – to the integration of an external write service via the SpeaKING Workflow App for mobile working up to a controlling tool, that provides key numbers to important processes. A faster and better documentation saves time for physicians and thus also promotes well-being and satisfaction of patients. This is increasingly also for the nursing staff of great importance. Therefore, MediaInterface attend to the subject of documentation per language in nursing.

MediaInterface GmbH
Dresden, Germany
Hall 2.2, Booth A-102

Contact: Robert Gröber
Phone: +49-351-563690

MedicalCommunications: RIS, PACS and much more

MedicalCommunications: RIS, PACS and much more
MedicalCommunications Soft- und Hardware GmbH: Ashvins

MedicalCommunications is one of the global market leaders in centralised medical image and information management systems. MedicalCommunications has outstanding expertise in the fields of image management, archiving, examination, display and ultra-fast image distribution for doctors' offices and hospitals.

Ashvins – the company’s product portfolio – offers solutions for optimum and efficient processes in all areas. As a subsidiary of Heidelberg Engineering, the company also develops software components for its ophthalmological equipment used by more than 20,000 customers worldwide.

MedicalCommunications Soft- und Hardware GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth D-108

Contact: Juliana Splettstößer, PR
Phone: +49-6221-75310

MEIERHOFER: Clear overview and safe working with MCC

MEIERHOFER: Clear overview and safe working with MCC
MEIERHOFER AG: MCC.Dashboard in individual tile look is information hub No. 1.
MEIERHOFER: Clear overview and safe working with MCC
MEIERHOFER AG: Strongly against infections – PREDEC VIEW MIBI evaluates microbiology of the station.

MEIERHOFER presents IT solutions for rehab, integrated intensive care and paperless wards at this year’s conhIT. Doctors and caregivers maintain even in critical situations a clear overview with the new platform MCC 2016. The new MCC.Dashboard Fallübersicht simplifies the coordination and create clarity about the patient care. Another highlight is MCC.MyPatients. This individual list of patients gives an overview to all critical patients and enables needs-oriented working.

Even the web-based patient data management system (PDMS) PREDEC® VIEW provides useful information to the medical and care personnel within short time. The add-on module PREDEC® MIBI gives an overview to the hospital ward’s microbiology. The evaluation of the microbiology results visualizes hospital pathogens for each patient and supports avoiding infections. The extensive integration of PREDEC® VIEW into the electronic hospital information system (HIS) MCC enables a seamless documentation between intensive care and normal ward.

As an additional highlight, MEIERHOFER presents a solution for rehabilitation. The new product fulfills the special requirements for rehabilitation facilities and general hospitals: for example the smooth hospital management, especially with a reimbursement on hotel level and the accounting of both stationary treatment and patients with prescriptions.

Hall 1.2, Booth B-102

Contact: Stephanie Riess, PR
Phone: +49-89-442316315

MicroNova: Cross-sectoral networking and pharmaceutical treatment safety

MicroNova: Cross-sectoral networking and pharmaceutical treatment safety
MicroNova AG: Networking solution ViViAN

MicroNova provides intelligent software solutions for MD networks, local doctors, hospitals and healthcare facilities to create the ideal conditions for interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral cooperation. Alongside its networking solution “ViViAN”, which can be linked with all commonly-used practice management systems to conduct well-structured exchanges of data, MicroNova will also be exhibiting new software at conhIT 2016. The “Network Pharmaceutical Plan” is a cross-practice, multivendor medication plan that supports MD networks, as well as any care homes or pharmacies, in being able to jointly prescribe medications safely.

MicroNova AG
Vierkirchen, Germany
Hall 1.2, Booth E-118

Contact: Martina Heinze
Phone: +49-8139-9300845

MMI Medizinische Medien Information: Medication safety for Hospitals, Senior and Practice Care

MMI Medizinische Medien Information: Medication safety for Hospitals, Senior and Practice Care
MMI Medizinische Medien Informations GmbH

More therapy safety knowledge and quality equates to less in treatment costs - with the innovative software solution OntoDrug® AMTS. Experience OntoDrug® AMTS live in combination with an extensive Drug Information Database and Bundeseinheitlichen Medikationsplan (BMP) by visiting our booth.

Everything in one convenient place: MMI PHARMINDEX PLUS with BMP. With the Komfort-Hausliste of PLUS you have a user-friendly client management system, with capabilities such as managing your own pharmaceutical products and integrate the Pharmacy Information Center into your information system.

MMI PHARMINDEX PLUS and OntoDrug® OFFICE: Take advantage of the best solutions for your medication management – in Hospitals, Senior and Practice Care.

MMI Medizinische Medien Informations GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth B-114

Contact: Andreas Rehermann, PR
Phone: +49-6102-502269

NEXUS: Easy - focused - fast

NEXUS is a full service provider having the broadest portfolio of e-health solutions, introduces the next software generation with an all new user interface: Even easier applications with flexible surfaces.

This unique plug-in technology allows users to enjoy a situational and individual working environment. Individual configuration allow access to specific processes at every workplace. Relevant information is always visible and can intuitively be adapted to new work situations.

The innovative architecture allows simultaneous implementation of an integrated mobile solution.

Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany
Hall 2.2, Booth C-103

Contact: Oliver Schmid
Phone: +49-69-583004200

Nuance Communications Germany GmbH: Medical Speech Recognition Solutions

Nuance Communications Germany GmbH: Medical Speech Recognition Solutions
Nuance Communications Germany GmbH: More time for patients

Clinicians spend over 50 percent of their time on clinical documentation. How can this administration burden on medical professionals be reduced efficiently in order to give them more time to spend with their patients, to put them back at the centre of care? How can CIOs be sure that their IT investments today are also investments in tomorrow’s clinical IT environments?

Nuance’s medical speech recognition solutions enable hospitals and healthcare providers to capture, understand and communicate the patient story so they can meet demanding healthcare requirements and regulations, while also preparing for tomorrow’s shift to value-based care.

Nuance Communications Germany GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth A-117

Contact: Constanze Liebenau
Phone: +49-89-4587350

Olympus: partner for integrated solutions in hospitals

Olympus: partner for integrated solutions in hospitals
Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG: Integrated operating room

Olympus pools its expertise in the Medical Systems and Speech Documentation Solutions business areas: at the conhIT, the company will showcase its capability as a partner for integrated IT solutions in the areas of OR, endoscopy and speech-to-text. Olympus supports hospital administrators, doctors and other medical personnel with intelligent IT systems that facilitate the optimization of their respective work processes. For example, ENDOALPHA provides a fully modular system for documentation, video management and OR control. VoiSquare combines a Wi-Fi-capable, professional dictation device with VoIP telephony and individually configurable applications such as medication apps, calendar or email.

Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG
Hall 2.2, Booth E-108

Contact: Nadine Dengel, PR
Phone: +49-40-23773-5867


OSM Gruppe: Operative excellence in the laboratory of the future

ix.connect – seamless and secure electronic exchange of orders and laboratory results between physicians and laboratories will be demonstrated daily at noon on OSM Gruppe’s stand.

Are you familiar with the new, specialised and structured laboratory results in ixserv? With microbiological development findings or blood sugar test results? Find out from us.

Loratory orders can be signed quickly and securely in ixserv using digital signatures. Visit us and find out more.

The new features of Mirth Connect – powered by OSM – and catching FHIR will be presented at 2 p.m in Room “Trier 6” on 19/04/2016.

OSM Gruppe
Hall 2.2, Booth D-102

Contact: Jacqueline Savli
Phone: +49-201-89555

Philips: ATMoSPHÄRE – enhancing the life of multimorbid patients

Philips: ATMoSPHÄRE – enhancing the life of multimorbid patients
Philips GmbH: ATMoSPHÄRE

In an aging society, multimorbidity is becoming an increasing challenge for our society. This is why, in October 2015, Philips initiated the joint project ATMoSPHÄRE. This project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and will be researching, developing and testing an IT platform within a cross-sectoral care system. By taking a holistic view of the patient, the project links agents and patients across the health sector, from prevention, diagnostics and therapy to aftercare and rehabilitation. The aim is to engage 700 patients in this project by the end of 2018. For more information about ATMoSPHÄRE and the project partners, please contact

Philips GmbH, Division Healthcare
Hall 2.2, Booth D-110

Contact: Kerstin Zimmermann, Press Spokesman Health Systems
Phone: +49-171-8180186

PlanOrg Informatik: Focus on Data and Processes

PlanOrg Informatik: Focus on Data and Processes
PlanOrg Informatik GmbH: PlanOrg solutions

Together with® and principa, PlanOrg focuses on two key topics that aim to provide clinics a competitive edge in the future.

Based on the SAP® HANA platform, is an integrated planning and analysis solution that offers numerous options for effective clinic management and calculation of patient care costs.

As the healthcare platform of the future, principa facilitates the managing of outpatient clinics, walk-in clinics, and practices in a modern, flexible, and workflow-based way.

The expertise of PlanOrg Healthcare, combined with SAP® S/4HANA Finance (a solution in the new SAP S/4HANA suite) offers clinics and hospitals new options for account management and financial controlling.

PlanOrg Informatik GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth A-104

Contact: Rita Zaharanski
Phone: +49-3641-563640

RZV Rechenzentrum Volmarstein : The eHealth platform for intersectoral communication.

RZV Rechenzentrum Volmarstein : The eHealth platform for intersectoral communication.
RZV Rechenzentrum Volmarstein GmbH: Cross-facility communication with the RZV eHealth platform

With the new eHealth solution from RZV GmbH we can now offer a comprehensive approach to the secure and sustainable exchange of data and documents beyond the boundaries of individual facilities. Using RZV’s workflow-orientated eHealth platform hospitals can now perform the electronic exchange of patient records with the MDK in accordance with current regulations and procedures. The RZV solution has been specifically structured so that documents are only available to the MDK for a prescribed duration. Documents which have been made accessible to the MKD are then only available for the specified period, after this time limit has expired the documents can no longer be retrieved via the portal. Additionally the eHealth platform also permits the intersectoral use of patient records.

RZV Rechenzentrum Volmarstein GmbH
D-Wetter (Ruhr)
Hall 1.2, Booth A-102

Contact: Peter Bauske, Sales & Marketing
Phone: +49-2335-638507

SAATMANN: GeDoWin QS and the quality assurance across sectors following Qesü-RL

SAATMANN: GeDoWin QS and the quality assurance across sectors following Qesü-RL
Saatmann GmbH & Co. KG: GeDoWin

GeDoWin QS provides clinicians on the example of the “PCI-Dokumentation” a configurable Workflow of initiation, capturing and export while integrated in a KIS- or HKL-System. Combined with GeDoWin QS-Monitor a suitable package for seamless monitoring is the result.

GeDoWin QS-Monitor convinces with its new user management as well as an extension of the “QSR-Inhouse” modules. Saatmann undertakes the realization of the respective specified and complex clinical authority structures that encompasses a user friendly entitlement concept. The “QSR-Inhouse” module was extended by the performance areas “BPS” and “RPE” plus all eight new modules for performance areas without reporting needs.

Saatmann GmbH & Co. KG
Hall 1.2, Booth C-103

Contact: Marie Treitinger, Marketing
Phone: +49-6241-5065580

SAP Deutschland: Improve people’s lives

SAP Deutschland: Improve people’s lives
SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG: SAP Connected Health

Inspiring IT innovations are SAP’s answer to the challenges facing the health sector: Personalized medicine opens up more courses of action for doctors and patients. Diagnostics and treatment become more automated. Genome data and new technologies such as wearables enhance the quality of life and the quality of medical care.

SAP Connected Health gives services that bring doctors and patients closer together. User can use real-world medical data to develop new prevention programs, present medication-related results as factual evidence in cost negotiations with insurance companies, and reduce the drop-out rate in clinical studies.

SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG
Walldorf, Germany
Hall 2.2, Booth A-101

Contact: Laura Ecija Morales
Phone: +49-6227-764810

Siemens Healthcare: teamplay – the beautiful simplicity of data analytics done right

Siemens Healthcare: teamplay – the beautiful simplicity of data analytics done right
Siemens Healthcare GmbH: Step into the future of imaging networks

teamplay is a cloud-based network that gives you secure and instant (1) access to well-structured and up-to-date data from your imaging fleet. Its intuitive and tidy user interface makes dose levels and performance data easy to analyze. teamplay turns pinpointing issues, improving efficiency, and standardizing quality of care into one smooth and swift process.

Protocols (2) will be your new go-to tool: Find scan protocols in one place and explore them scanner (3) by scanner, version by version. Simply distribute optimized protocols to other scanners remotely. Or roll out the entire protocol tree to ensure they perform equally.

Siemens Healthcare GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth B-114

Contact: Ivo Driesser, Produkt Manager teamplay
Phone: +49-9131-844285

Speech Processing Solutions: World Premiere at conhIT 2016 – The first smart voice recorder from Philips

Speech Processing Solutions: World Premiere at conhIT 2016 – The first smart voice recorder from Philips
Speech Processing Solutions Germany GmbH: Philips Smart Voice Recorder

Philips presents a new concept in the speech-to-text technology that combines the advantages of a smartphone with the functionality of a classic dictation device. The new smart voice recorder is an Android based touch screen mobile device with the ease of use that is essential for every professional user of dictation technology. This new Philips device comes with three dedicated precision microphones, triple encryption, an ergonomic and wear-free slide switch, Wi-Fi, LAN, USB and Bluetooth-connectivity as well as a camera with barcode scanning function. With all this, the new smart voice recorder saves time and resources allowing to send dictations from anywhere in order to have medical documents and reports faster and more accurately done than ever before.

Speech Processing Solutions Germany GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth B-105

Contact: Marc Mayer, Marketing Manager
Phone: +49-30-26395950

STULZ: Technical Cooling for Test Rooms, Laboratories and Archives

STULZ: Technical Cooling for Test Rooms, Laboratories and Archives

With CyberLab, at the conhIT STULZ presents a compact air conditioning solution for ensuring constant temperature and air humidity in test facilities, laboratories and museum archives. Thanks to its double-walled design, integrated inspection window and other equipment features, the STULZ CyberLab series satisfies the hygiene requirements of VDI 6022 (hygiene inspections for air-handling systems). STULZ is an international family-run business with over 2,200 employees around the world, its own production plants at seven sites, and headquarters in Hamburg. Data centers and telecommunications installations, commercial or private premises – air conditioning systems from STULZ keep temperature and humidity under control wherever needed, precisely to the last degree.

Hamburg, Germany
Hall 4.2, Booth C-107

Contact: Mladen Majstorovic
Phone: +49-40-55852851

SVA GmbH: Telemonitoring solution for patients, hospitals and health insurance companies

SVA GmbH: Telemonitoring solution for patients, hospitals and health insurance companies
SVA GmbH: medPower connects processes and flexibly integrates new systems.

medPower enables hospitals, medical supply centres and other healthcare providers to care for chronically ill patients telemedically at their homes. The telemonitoring solution is certified as a class IIa medical device. It is the only solution available on the market with a specialised, complete electronic patient file (ePA) which can map several illnesses – including CHF and diabetes. Healthcare service providers can realise the solution easily, safely and efficiently with existing personnel. medPower can be operated on mobile devices, is web-based, modular and versatile. Additional there are optional modules.

SVA GmbH Competence Center Health Care
Hall 4.2, Booth C-102

Contact: Gabriele Mousset, Branchenverantwortliche Health Care
Phone: +49-211-41668260

synMedico: One tool to meet many demands

synMedico: One tool to meet many demands
synMedico GmbH: infoskop® being used at a dentist's surgery

For physicians wishing to improve processes in their surgeries, inform their patients using multimedia technologies and increase earnings, infoskop® is just what the doctor ordered. This solution, implemented on an iPad®, fulfils a host of requirements using one single tool. Data are entered in the patient and case history forms via the touchscreen, the physician advises the patients using a mobile device and uses pre-stored graphics and animated clips to inform them about therapies. The consultation services provided using the tablet are logged automatically and signed electronically by the patient. In this way, services, costs and interventions can be explained clearly and documented in conformity with legal requirements.

synMedico GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth D-105

Contact: Tilo Dietrich
Phone: +49 (0) 561 766406-10

S•CAPE®: PRIME365 – New integration platform within and beyond the OR

S•CAPE®: PRIME365 – New integration platform within and beyond the OR
S•CAPE® GmbH: Integration solution caresyntax® PRIME365

With its digital integration solution caresyntax® PRIME365, S•CAPE® presents a perioperative workflow in an almost real clinical environment. Clinical data are seamlessly transferred to different departments. In the OR area the performance capabilities of the latest hardware and software are presented. The web-based documentation platform CX•STUDIO ECLIPSE provides secure access and processing of data generated in the OR anytime and anywhere from a variety of devices inside the hospital. In addition, intelligent tools like CX•IQ and CX•GUARD serve for process analysis and system monitoring.

Berlin, Germany
Hall 1.2, Booth D-109

Contact: Björn Lehnhoff
Phone: +49-30-713029720

Telekom Healthcare Solutions: Digitization in focus

Telekom Healthcare Solutions: Digitization in focus
Telekom Healthcare Solutions: Wound documentation using iMedOne® Mobile at the Gemeinschaftskrankenh
Telekom Healthcare Solutions: Digitization in focus
Telekom Healthcare Solutions: Internal professional networking for hospitals based on highly reliabl

Deutsche Telekom is giving a new boost to the digital transformation. In Hall 2.2, visitors will see how digitization can simplify and improve already existing processes in hospitals – through innovative IT-supported medication processes, for example, as well as the new layouts in iMedOne® Mobile and our digital doctor's ID for secure communication between doctors and other care providers.

Due to the current market conditions, there is a growing trend towards outsourcing in the sector and increasing interest in facilities for internal professional networking using reliable platforms. More than 150 clinics have outsourced their IT systems either partially or in their entirety to our Dynamic Healthcare Center (DHC), in order to free themselves of routine tasks. Deutsche Telekom operates the network from within its high-security data center, ensuring the stability and high availability that such customer systems need.

To make it easier to program applications, Deutsche Telekom has recently created the eHealth Composite Platform (eHC). This system allows product developers construct apps by combining building blocks much like Lego bricks. Our clever standardized platform provides all the necessary IHE profiles and functions to allow programmers to develop interoperable healthcare applications quickly and easily. The eHC platform is already in operation in the CCS Telehealth project in Eastern Saxony.

Aside from that, Deutsche Telekom will be showing off many other applications, such as its "Interface Manager" integration server and its offerings for patient entertainment in their hospital bed.

Telekom Healthcare Solutions, Deutsche Telekom Healthcare Security Solutions GmbH
Bonn, Germany
Hall 2.2, Booth Stand B-101

Contact: Magdalena Telec
Phone: +49-228-1810

Thieme Compliance: Mobile solutions to inform patients

Thieme Compliance: Mobile solutions to inform patients
Thieme Compliance GmbH: Electronic signature on a tablet PC

The mobile “E-ConsentPro” software enables a fully digital workflow for providing patients with medical information using tablet PCs – at any location, flexibly and close to the patient, in the same way as physicians would normally use paper documents to inform patients. With its digital anamnesis, handwritten notes entered directly on the tablet, electronic signature and ability to generate pdf/A documents for long-term archiving, the software meets the demands of IT and hospital management decision-makers for efficient solutions that can be used flexibly in everyday hospital work while at the same time offering the necessary process and documentation safety.

Thieme Compliance GmbH
Erlangen, Germany
Hall 2.2, Booth C-105

Contact: Juliane Pfeiffer
Phone: +49-711-8931693

Versatel: Be SAFE – secure networks for healthcare-it

Versatel: Be SAFE – secure networks for healthcare-it
Versatel Deutschland GmbH

Under the motto „Be SAFE – healthcare networks made in Germany“ Versatel presents customized telecommunication solutions for players in the healthcare branch, taking account of it-personel as well as patients with well fitting broadband-internet in the hospital rooms or entertainment solutions.

Versatel is part of the United Internet Group at 100 percent and in Germany one of the leading providers for data-, internet- and voice-communication. Based on the second largest fiber-network in Germany with a length of 40.500 km Versatel offers individual telecommunications services especially for business customers. The Versatel Network with all its components is hosted completely in between the borders of Germany.

Versatel Deutschland GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth E-109

Contact: Hellmut Schneider, Senior Marketing Manager
Phone: +49-211-52283212

VISUS: On-the-spot medical data

VISUS: On-the-spot medical data
VISUS GmbH: JiveX Medical Archive

Currently, anyone wishing to obtain a patient’s full medical history has to painstakingly gather the information they need from various sources. This is because current and older patient data are scattered across the HIS, DMS, PACS and various subsystems of various departments. Data have to be transferred between the systems, displayed and stored over and over again .

Now, with “JiveX Medical Archive”, VISUS is for the first time offering a solution which brings together all of these data in a vendor-neutral archive and makes them available in a multimedia format using only one viewer, always taking the special requirements of individual specialist departments into consideration. At its stand in Hall 2.2, this conhIT Silver Partner is showing how image and report data from all hospital departments and in various formats are consolidated in a vendor-neutral system.

Hall 2.2, Booth D-104

Contact: Rudolf Heupel, Sales Responsible for the D-A-CH Region
Phone: +49-234-93693400